Former tennis-player, John McEnroe, was famous both for his skill, and his legendary temper tantrums. He became famous for the saying “you cannot be serious!” (He later claimed he only said it once).

His outbursts often resulted from the feeling that he was being wronged – whether or not it was actually the case. But it was so bad, that eventually earned the nickname “Superbrat.”

Would it surprise you to know McEnroe’s reaction was in all likelihood, biologically wired?

How to tell if you’ve hired a Bad Coach: An Open Letter

Dear Reader,

There was a Facebook post the other day, lamenting the hypocrisy of coaches.

Coaches don’t practice what they preach the post said, and generally pointed out a few more obnoxious tendencies we often see in those marketing themselves as coaches.

Unfortunately, coaching is an unregulated industry, which means the word can cover all manner of sins.

We become better everyday

It’s hard to believe PrisMind is turning two. What started as a single opportunity with a hazy future has evolved so much and continues to do so as we discover newer and better ways to touch lives.
We began our journey with leadership coaching – offering premium group coaching programs from Leadership Management International.
After this we branched out into life coaching, as well as lean six sigma as well as bespoke training programs.

Leadership Coaching : An Essential Tool For All The Leaders

Great leaders can make or break an organisation. They don’t just represent the team but also guide them. Leadership roles can be assumed at any level, which is why it’s imperative for professionals to take leadership development coaching to improve themselves.

Coaching is about achieving your full potential. Our team helps you develop the right leadership skills through interactive sessions.

It develops intrinsic motivation. It inspires a leader’s willingness to try new things and discover new paths to achieve success.

Leadership coaching is not just teaching, it also uses powerful tools and techniques to help build new learning and behaviour.