About Us

About PrisMind

PrisMind is a division of Windsor Specialty Services, a multi-disciplinary organisation offering a wide variety of services including Digital Marketing, Language Education, and Medical Transcription.

We began our journey into the area of people development and process consulting in 2019, as licensed partners of Leadership Management International. Our highly skilled facilitators are trained to facilitate these powerful programs, and achieve excellent results for our clients.

In 2020, we entered both coaching and lean six sigma consulting, and have certified professionals to deliver these services.

Our values are rooted in our partnership with our clients – our best interests lie in your best interests. How we make our money is just as important as how much money we make.

Together we hope to open your hearts, stimulate your minds and build the changes you need for a better tomorrow.



To be a catalyst to success through change and a new and uncharted course


An organisation engaging with individuals and businesses, stimulating hearts and minds, using coaching, training and consulting as tools.


  • Integrity: How we do business is as important as what business we do
  • Creativity & imagination: Sometimes we have to break our paradigms to make the change
  • Empowerment: We help empower you to do more
  •  Teamwork: Our success is in your success – we can accomplish more together
  •  Risk-taking: Making the changes that are necessary may require taking risks